Clogged Drains Don't Stand a Chance Against This Replacement Auger Drum That Saves Me From Reusing Gunk-Covered Cables

As a homeowner constantly battling clogged drains and slow-flowing pipes, my trusty Ryobi drain auger is a must-have tool. But over time, the cable drum inevitably gets coated in nasty gunk that I hate reusing again and again. Trying to manually scrub out the filth never gets it fully clean. So when I discovered Ryobi offered replacement auger drums, I was thrilled! After installing one, I'm blown away at the convenience of being able to refresh my drain tool with clean new cable so easily. No more cringing while feeding gross cable down my sinks!

Here's a closer look at why the replacement drum is a game changer:

Refresh Your Auger with Brand New Cable

The best part about this replacement is getting 25 feet of clean, unused cable to clear drains instead of trying to reuse the same filthy cable again.

Having fresh cable makes plunging bathroom and kitchen sinks much less disgusting. I can finally clear clogs without dreading the mess!

Quick and Easy Drum Swap

I expected a complicated uninstall and reinstall process. But replacing drums takes literally 60 seconds thanks to the quick change design.

With just a simple turn of the lock ring, I can pop off the old drum and twist on a shiny new one. Incredibly easy!

Reinforced Cable Resists Kinks

My old auger cable would get bound up and kinked during use, damaging its snaking ability. The cable on this replacement drum has reinforced construction to minimize kinking.

The kink-resistant design helps the cable last longer while ensuring it still feeds smoothly around curves and corners.

Onboard Drain Port Prevent Water Buildup

One problem I had was dirty standing water getting trapped inside the old drum housing after use. The new replacement drums incorporate a rear drain port to prevent water retention.

No more smelly water and gunk accumulating inside. The drain port keeps it clean inside and out!

For any drain cleaning pros or homeowners, this replacement drum is a must-have accessory. Being able to refresh your auger with clean new cable makes plunging jobs so much more sanitary and tolerable. It’s a game changer!