Contractors Are Raving About This Compact 18V Cordless Blower That Makes Quick Work of Jobsite Cleanup

As a general contractor, I used to loathe the end of each job having to drag around a clunky, gas-powered blower to clean up dust and debris. The noise and fumes gave me headaches, and maneuvering the bulky blower around finished spaces was a clumsy mess. So when I upgraded to the ultra-portable RIDGID 18V Cordless Jobsite Blower, it was a total game changer! This lightweight little cordless powerhouse makes swift work of site cleanup without the hassle.

After making the switch, here’s why I can’t stop raving about it:

Whisper-Quiet Operation

Gas blowers are obnoxiously loud, disrupting crew members and neighbors. But this cordless electric motor runs at only 65 decibels - about the volume of a typical conversation.

I can clean up quietly around customers or workers without ear protection. It’s a life-saver for residential renovation jobs.

Lightweight and Balanced Design

At just 2.6 pounds, this blower maneuvers like a dream. The balanced design and rubberized grip makes it comfortable to hold for long periods without hand fatigue.

Compared to bulky gas blowers weighing 15+ pounds, it's infinitely easier finesse into tight spaces and corners during final cleanup.

Variable Speed Trigger for Control

Cranking a gas blower to full blast risks blowing debris everywhere or damaging finished surfaces. This blower has a variable speed trigger to fine-tune airflow from 50 mph to 160 mph.

That control lets me match the precise power needed for the job - gentle breezes around landscaping or turbo speed across pavement.

Cordless Freedom to Work Anywhere

Messy gas hoses and power cords restrict where you can work. But cordless power means ultimate mobility - I can roam and clean the entire jobsite efficiently.

For multi-level spaces, not being tethered to an outlet allows quick cleanup staircases, patios, rooftops, and more.

Charges RIDGID 18V Batteries On-the-Go

A huge perk is the blower charges RIDGID 18V batteries on board so I can juice up other tools.

Rather than juggling multiple chargers, I can stick to one charger and use the blower itself to top off batteries conveniently in my truck or wherever.

Integrated Hanging Hook for Storage

Gas blowers take up ample storage space. But this one has a built-in hook to neatly hang in the truck or garage between uses.

The compact, lightweight design with hook makes storage and transport a cinch. Way better than bulky gas blowers cluttering my trailers.

For any contractors tired of wrestling unwieldy gas blowers, this RIDGID 18V alternative checks all the boxes. The cordless convenience, quiet operation, and compact design adds up to a blower that takes the headaches out of jobsite cleanup. Ditch the gas and go cordless - this little workhorse never disappoints!