Cords and Gas Cans Be Gone! This Crazy Powerful Cordless Blower Kit Made Fall Cleanup an Absolute Breeze.

As someone who dreads hauling out unwieldy gas blowers and fighting with extension cords every fall, I'd been eager to switch to cordless electric leaf blowers for a while. But I was skeptical the convenience would come at the price of reduced power. After testing out this ready-to-go kit from Ryobi though, I'm amazed at its performance! The cordless freedom paired with beastly 200 CFM power makes short work of even the biggest leaf piles. This blower kit is truly a game changer.

Here's a closer look at why I'm infatuated with this cordless upgrade:

Serious Power in a Compact Package

Even though this blower is lightweight and compact, it still packs a punch generating 200 CFM of airflow at 90 MPH. More than enough muscle to handle leaves and debris.

The focused nozzle created concentrated force - plenty to clear my yard and patio completely of even the biggest matted leaf piles. Don't underestimate this little cordless!

Hassle-Free Cordless Convenience

Cords are such a nuisance when trying to maneuver around the yard. This cordless blower runs off 18V lithium-ion power for unlimited mobility and reach.

No more getting tangled up as I move around trees, bushes, and fences. The freedom to roam makes fall cleanup so much faster and easier.

Includes Battery and Charger

This ready-to-go kit provides everything you need to start blowing immediately. It includes the blower, 18V battery, and quick charger right in the box.

Rather than having to buy separate components, I could start tidying up my yard as soon as I opened the box. Talk about convenient!

Part of the ONE+ Family

Because this blower is part of Ryobi's 18V ONE+ system, the included battery powers over 175 other ONE+ tools I own.

No need to buy proprietary batteries - one pack for the blower fits string trimmers, drills, saws and everything else! The versatility is awesome.

If dealing with unwieldy gas blowers and tangled extension cords every fall has you fed up, join team cordless! This blower kit made my cleanup an absolute breeze.