Debunking Myths About Factory Reconditioned Tools

To save money on major power tool purchases, some shoppers consider factory reconditioned models. Often available at significant discounts, these pre-owned tools refreshed by the manufacturer can provide great value. However, many misleading myths about reconditioned tools cause consumers to avoid them unnecessarily. Here we debunk the most common reconditioned tool myths.

Myth: Reconditioned Tools are Unreliable

False! The most persistent myth is that reconditioned tools are prone to breaking and unreliable. In truth, comprehensive reconditioning processes ensure tools meet original performance specifications before resale.

At certified factories, used tools undergo complete disassembly, inspection, cleaning, repair, and replacement of any worn components. Critical parts like motors and gears get tested to confirm full operation. Tools are reassembled with genuine OEM parts as needed.

Thorough reconditioning and testing ensures tools have been restored to like-new condition. Proper reconditioning leaves no lingering reliability issues.

Myth: Reconditioned Tools are Dirty/Cosmetically Flawed

This depends on the reconditioning quality. With premium factory reconditioning, tools should look nearly indistinguishable from new. Cosmetic defects are corrected including:

  • Replacing scratched/cracked casings
  • Touching up worn finish and paint
  • Cleaning dirty/greasy components
  • Removing rust
  • Restoring labels and graphics

While some signs of use may remain, thoroughly reconditioned tools should not appear abused or neglected. Demand proper cosmetic repairs - don't accept damage compromising appearance.

Myth: Reconditioned Tools Lack Accessories/Parts

Many consumers assume reconditioned tools come as bare bones units only. In fact, reputable reconditioning includes replacing any missing standard accessories like batteries, chargers, blades, chuck keys, etc.

The whole package gets restored. Critical parts are replaced while retaining usable components to maximize value. You should receive all accessories that originally came with a new unit.

Carefully inspect listings for details on included accessories. Seek reconditioned kits with batteries/chargers for best value.

Myth: Reconditioned Tools Have No Warranty

While some low-grade resellers may disclaim warranty coverage, professional factory reconditioning should include a warranty comparable to new tools. Common warranty terms include:

  • Full 1-year warranty covering all defects
  • Limited 3-year warranty on main tool
  • Limited 2-5 year warranty on motor/mechanical parts
  • 30-90 day guarantee on batteries/chargers

Exact terms vary by brand. But respectable reconditioned tools should have warranty backing - it's not solely an "as-is" proposition. Examine warranty details closely.

Myth: Reconditioned Tools Lack Manuals/Documentation

Again, proper reconditioning means including all original manuals, paperwork, and documentation. Digital copies may supplement physical documents.

This paperwork provides crucial guidance for safe operation, maintenance, troubleshooting and warranty coverage. Don't settle for missing documentation - demand inclusion or get digital versions.

Myth: Reconditioned Tools Have Limited Lifespan

A persistent myth is that reconditioned tools have a shortened useful lifespan, failing quicker than new units. This is false - the reconditioning process actually extends lifespan closer to new levels.

Thorough inspection, cleaning, part replacement and testing restore internal components to like-new condition. Any worn parts get renewed. This "reset" often adds years of useable life compared to unreconditioned pre-owned tools.

Don't fear shorter longevity - reconditioned tools often outlast new ones thanks to component-level renewing.

Myth: Used Tools Are the Same as Reconditioned

Consumers often conflate generic used tools with professionally reconditioned ones. But used tools lack standardized inspection, repair, cleaning and testing before resale.

Factory reconditioned tools undergo certified, comprehensive renewal you can't get from an individual seller or uncertified vendor. Don't confuse generic used tools with factory reconditioned - the difference in quality is massive.

In summary, factory reconditioned power tools provide excellent value thanks to rigorous, certified processes that renew tools to original specifications. While some lower-end resellers cut corners, reputable factory reconditioning eliminates reliability concerns, cosmetic issues, missing accessories, warranty gaps, and longevity fears. Don't let misleading myths dissuade you - factory reconditioned tools are a smart purchase for many consumers.