Ditch the Back-Breaking Manual Edging - This Genius Attachment Carves Perfect Lines in Minutes While Saving My Aching Back!

As someone constantly battling to keep my sidewalks and flowerbeds neatly edged, all the bending and manual edging work wreaks havoc on my back and knees. I dreaded edging season every year. When I discovered Ryobi's new edger attachment for string trimmers, I was extremely intrigued but skeptical that it could create clean crisp lawn lines. However, after installing it on my trimmer and carving some test edges in my yard, I'm absolutely blown away by how beautifully it edges! My yard looks professionally manicured and my back couldn't be happier.

Here's a closer look at why this edger attachment is a game-changer:

Transforms String Trimmers Into Edgers

This genius attachment converts any standard gas or electric string trimmer into a walk-behind edger in minutes just by twisting it into place where the trimmer head normally sits.

No tools or modifications needed. Having both tools in one makes edging and trimming so much more efficient.

Clean Uniform Lines

I expected decent but imperfect results - what I got were beautifully straight, uniform lawn lines that looked professionally edged.

The dual serrated 8” steel blade carved through grass and soil flawlessly leaving a perfectly defined edge. My lawn looks amazing!

Adjustable Cutting Depth

Different edging needs require different cut depths. This attachment allows you to adjust the blade depth from 1” down to 2.5” for customized edges.

I could do shallow touch-ups or aggressive cuts along damaged areas as needed. Versatility is so important for edging.

Saves Hours of Back-Breaking Labor

No more struggling with manual edgers and hours of agony bending over. This powered attachment did the hard work for me!

Letting the motorized trimmer do all the carving and kicking up of debris transformed edging from a loathsome chore to an almost enjoyable quick task. My back is so thankful!

If the thought of manual edging makes your back ache, do yourself a favor and pick up this attachment. It turns an everyday string trimmer into a lawn-lining powerhouse! You’ll be amazed at the crisp perfect edges.