Finding Studs is a Cinch with This Genius Stud Finder That Precisely Locates and Marks the Entire Width Instantly!

As a DIYer constantly hanging shelves and mounting TVs on the wall, having an accurate and hassle-free stud finder is a must. I thought all stud finders were created equal until I tried Ryobi's new Whole Stud Detector. Unlike other misleading detectors that only indicate an edge, this brilliant finder uses multiple LEDs to light up the entire width of studs instantly. Finding and marking studs for perfect mounting has never been easier!

Here's a closer look at what makes this stud finder so game-changing:

Marks Full Width Instead of Just Edges

Typical stud finders only light up at stud edges, leaving you guessing at the center point. This Ryobi finder has multiple LEDs that light up the entire width so you see exactly where the stud starts and ends.

No more misaligned screw holes from incorrect stud marking! I can instantly pinpoint the perfect mounting points.

Integrated Stud Marking System

This just blew my mind - the stud finder has an integrated marking notch that automatically marks the stud center when you slide the tool. No more fingernail gouges trying to mark spots!

Being able to seamlessly find and mark studs in one motion makes accurate mounting so fast and easy. It's pure genius.

One-Handed Operation

Trying to balance a stud finder while marking used to require creative finger gymnastics. This finder is designed for easy one-handed operation so I can slide, detect, and mark all with just my right hand.

The convenience leaves my other hand free for levels, tools, etc. It really streamlines the stud finding process.

Auto-Scanning Depth Adjustment

No need to manually set depth - the auto-scanning technology automatically detects wall thickness up to 1.5 inches deep to fine tune sensor calibration.

No matter the depth, it always provides super accurate side-by-side stud marking thanks to the self-calibration. So smart!

For anyone frustrated trying to find and mark studs for precise mounting, this Ryobi detector will be a total game changer. Its spot-on accuracy makes mounting jobs so much easier!