Forget Back-Breaking Leaf Raking - This Crazy Powerful Cordless Vac Made Fall Cleanup an Absolute Breeze!

Like most homeowners, I absolutely dread leaf clean up each fall. All the raking, bagging, and hauling hundreds of heavy bags totally destroys my back and weekends. When I first saw Ryobi's battery-powered leaf vacuum/mulcher, I thought there's no way it could really breeze through huge piles of wet mushy leaves effectively. But after putting it to work this past fall, I'm a total convert! This thing practically sucked up and shredded every last leaf in my yard with no effort on my part. My leaf clean up days are now over!

Here's a closer look at why this vacuum is a game changer:

Incredible Suction Power

This deceptively small cordless vacuum packs some seriously impressive suction power thanks to the high-velocity metal impeller.

It sucked up even the wettest, heaviest leaf piles I could throw at it. We're talking absolutely no match for this sucking beast!

Mulches 16 Bags Down to Just 1

Not only does it suck up leaves with beastly force, but the vacuum instantly mulches them into tiny pieces for easy disposal. It turns each load into a fraction of the volume.

The manufacturer claims it mulches 16 bags down to just 1 which I can easily believe based on my results. My yard waste went from a mountain to just a few small bags.

Adjustable Wheels for Easy Maneuvering

Trying to wrangle an awkward heavy vac around the yard is annoying and tiring. This smart vac features big adjustable wheels that make it super easy to roll around on any terrain.

Gliding over lawns, gravel, or rough grass has never been simpler. The smooth mobility saved my back from strain.

If you dread fall leaf cleanup each year, treat yourself to this cordless leaf destroying machine. It genuinely made short work of the endless leaf piles in my yard. My back has never felt better!