Forget Bulky Corded Heat Guns – This Powerful Cordless Version Heats Up in 10 Seconds For Faster Projects

As a hobbyist who frequently uses a heat gun for bending plastic, shrinking wrap, and small soldering jobs, I’ve always just suffered through the annoyance of wrestling with a bulky corded model. The short cord severely restricts my working area and the sheer size makes it tough to maneuver in tight spaces. So when I got the chance to try out Ryobi’s new 18V ONE+ cordless heat gun, it was a total game changer! Ditching the cord gave me freedom to work anywhere and the fast 10 second heat-up time saved so much time waiting around.

Here’s a closer look at why this handy cordless heat gun has been a dream to use:

Ultra-Fast 10 Second Heat Up

The thing that blows me away most about this Ryobi heat gun is that it reaches a scorching “875°F in less than 10 seconds.” My old corded model took nearly a minute of waiting before it was ready for use.

That 50X faster heat-up time means I can start projects in no time. No more standing around twiddling my thumbs! The fast warm up really maximizes productivity.

Two Optimized Nozzles for Versatility

This heat gun comes with two nozzle attachments - a “deflector nozzle” for wrapping heat and a concentrator nozzle for focusing heat.

Having the ability to diffuse or concentrate the airflow based on my needs makes this one versatile tool. From shrink wrapping bundles to softening plastic for forming, the heat stream can be tailored for optimal results.

Onboard LED Light Brightens Work Area

Trying to focus heat on a specific area in dim light can be frustrating. This heat gun integrates an “LED work light” to brightly illuminate wherever you’re directing heat.

No more squinting and guessing! The handy light makes precision heat tasks much easier.

Cordless Freedom to Work Anywhere

As a cordless tool running on RYOBI 18V ONE+ batteries, this heat gun provides outstanding mobility to use it anywhere without distance restrictions or cord hazards.

I can carry it up a ladder, out to the driveway, wherever needed. The compact size even makes it great for detail heat tasks in tight spaces a bulky corded gun wouldn’t fit.

If you need an efficient cordless heat gun that delivers seriously fast heat up for increased productivity, don’t settle for a frustrating corded model. This Ryobi upgrades your projects with true freedom and convenience!