Forget Shoveling Snow By Hand - This Crazy Powerful Electric Shovel Made Winter Cleanup An Absolute Breeze!

As someone who dreads the back-breaking labor of shoveling snow every winter, I'd been looking for an easier snow removal solution for my deck, patio and walkways. When I came across Ryobi's new electric snow shovel, I was intrigued but doubtful that it could match the power of heavy-duty gas snow blowers. However, after testing out the electric shovel on a foot of fresh powder, I'm blown away by its performance! This lightweight cordless shovel made short work of snow removal and saved my back. No more hand shoveling for me!

Here's a closer look at why it's been a game changer:

Powerful 12 Amp Motor Blasts Snow

Despite its compact size, this shovel packs a punch with its 12 amp motor that can launch snow an incredible 25 feet!

I was able to easily throw piles of heavy wet snow off my patio and paths with just a fraction of the effort of manual shoveling. The motorized assistance is a back-saver.

Wide 12" Clearing Width

With its 12 inch width, the shovel can collect and clear a large path in a single pass.

I was able to remove snow from my sidewalk almost as fast as a large walk-behind blower thanks to the wide clearing swath. It really maximizes efficiency for small areas.

Instant Startup, Silent Operation

I love that this electric shovel starts up instantly with the push of a button - no pull cords or priming required. And the quiet electric motor keeps early morning snow removal from disturbing the whole neighborhood unlike noisy blowers.

Being able to start and run this shovel any time without disruptions has been so convenient compared to gas equipment.

Lightweight and Compact

Weighing under 15 lbs, this shovel is incredibly lightweight compared to bulky snow blowers. The compact size with ergonomic handle makes storage and maneuvering around obstacles simple.

I can easily clear right up to structures and down narrow spaces without fighting with an unwieldy machine. The portability is awesome.

For anyone dreading another winter of back-breaking shoveling, treat yourself to this electric snow shovel! It's been an absolute back and time saver that made snow removal almost enjoyable.