Forget Tedious Hand Sanding - This Incredibly Powerful Cordless Sander Made My Woodwork Baby-Butt Smooth in Minutes!

As a hobbyist woodworker, I dread the hand sanding part of projects. Trying to achieve an ultra-smooth finish by hand takes forever and leaves my fingers raw. So when Ryobi sent over their new 18V ONE+ cordless random orbit sander to test, I was eager to see if it could deliver that flawless smoothness without the hard labor. After just a few quick passes across some table legs I'd made, I was blown away - the wood felt as smooth as a baby's bottom with barely any effort! This sander is an absolute game changer.

Here's a closer look at why it makes short work of sanding:

10,000 OPM for Aggressive Stock Removal

This sander spins the sanding pad at a blazing 10,000 orbits per minute (OPM). That kind of high-speed abrasion removes material incredibly fast. It was able to flatten and smooth rough table legs in a matter of minutes compared to the hours it would've taken me by hand.

The aggressive pad speed chews through small imperfections and surface defects, so you're left with glassy smoothness in no time.

Reduced Vibration for Comfortable Use

Long sanding sessions with a powerful sander can take a toll on your hands and arms due to vibration. This sander features 40% less vibration than previous models for more comfortable extended use.

My hands didn't feel numb or buzzing after sanding multiple pieces. Being able to work longer with less fatigue leads to better results.

Onboard Dust Collection for a Clean Workspace

Sanding kicks up loads of fine dust that makes a mess of the work area. This sander has a handy onboard dust collection bag that neatly contains all the dust and debris.

No more spending nearly as much time vacuuming up dust as I did sanding. The built-in collection helps keep my shop tidy.

Hook & Loop Pad Makes Paper Changes Fast

Changing sandpaper manually using clamps or adhesive can be tedious and time consuming. This sander utilizes a hook & loop pad so new sheets can be attached and removed quickly.

I was able to swap sandpaper grits in seconds between steps. The easy changes make the sanding process more efficient.

For flawlessly smooth finishes without the hours of tedious hand labor, upgrade to this Ryobi cordless sander. It lived up to the hype and made my projects baby-butt smooth in no time flat!