I Couldn't Believe How Much Longer This Beast Ryobi Battery Kept My Tools Going Compared to the Old Packs!

As a homeowner with a decently sized yard, I rely on my Ryobi 40V outdoor power tools to keep the property looking pristine. But nothing torpedoes yardwork faster than having batteries die mid-job! My old 40V packs just didn’t seem to last nearly as long as when I first bought them. I was irritated at constantly having to stop and recharge. So I decided to replace my aging batteries with one of Ryobi’s new 40V 2.0 Ah lithium-ion packs. After testing it out, I was blown away at the huge improvement in runtime. This beast of a battery just wouldn’t quit!

Here’s a closer look at why this battery upgrade was a total game changer for my yard tools.

Nearly Twice the Runtime Per Charge

The main upside Ryobi touts with this battery is the “increased run time” compared to old or failing packs. I timed several full charges and the runtime improvement is dramatic.

My last string trimmer battery would only last about 20 minutes per charge while edging my lawn and clearing growth. This new 2.0 Ah battery has enough “fade-free power” to breeze through my entire yard at nearly 40 minutes per charge!

Consistent Power Till The End

Another problem I had with my previous batteries was steadily decreasing power output as the charge drained. The tools really struggled at the end of each battery cycle.

Ryobi designed this new lithium-ion pack to deliver full-strength “fade-free power” for the entirety of a charge. My blower retained full force airflow right down until the last bar on the battery meter. No more weak, sputtering tools!

Optimized Chemistry Resists Damage

After years of use, batteries inevitably show damage and swelling. But this new 40V battery has optimized “lithium-ion chemistry” to hold up better over time.

After a few months, the pack still looks and functions like new without any swelling or cracks despite regular use. The improved composition really seems to resist wear.

Quickly Recharge and Get Back to Work

Waiting hours and hours for dead packs to recharge always killed my productivity. This 40V battery fully recharges in “less than 2 hours” when paired with the rapid 40V charger.

Being able to quickly top off a drained battery and resume yardwork rather than call it quits for the day is so convenient!

For any homeowners still dragging around old failing 40V batteries, do yourself a favor and upgrade to one of these new long-lasting packs. It’s night and day how much longer my tools can operate on a single charge. This battery really is an absolute beast!