I Couldn't Believe How Smoothly This Little Router Cut - It Made My Projects Look Store-Bought!

Routers intimidate a lot of DIYers and hobbyist woodworkers. They conjure images of bulky, loud, unruly beasts that only professionals can successfully wrangle. However, router technology has come a long way in recent years thanks to cordless compact models like the new RYOBI 18V ONE+.

This lightweight, ergonomic router packs impressive power and precision into a form factor that's easy for anyone to control. After putting it through its paces, I was amazed at what this little router could do. Read on to see how it could be a game-changing addition for your next project.

Power Meets Precision with the 18V Brushless Motor

The heart of this router is an efficient 18V brushless motor that spins the bit at up to 30,000 RPM. That kind of speed produces smooth, fast cuts through dense hardwoods with minimal effort. The aggressive torque of brushless motors prevents bogging and tearing.

But it's not just sheer power. The variable speed dial allows you to scale back the RPMs for greater precision on detail work. Low speeds provide superior control so you can gently finesse edges and joinery cuts. The slow speeds are perfect for inlay work, decorative edges, and fine trims.

Micro and Macro Depth Adjustments

Precise depth control is crucial for router work. This RYOBI model offers easy micro and macro adjustments to dial in exact depths.

The micro dial allows incremental fine depth changes in small 0.0625" increments. Get each pass exactly as shallow or deep as needed for the cut.

The quick release macro lever makes larger 1/4" depth adjustments fast and simple for significant depth changes. Easily transition from a shallow pass to a deeper profile cut.

Added Control from the Ergonomic Design

Routers vibrate significantly during use which can quickly fatigue your hands and arms. This router features an ergonomic, compact body designed to give you better grip and control for extended use.

Weighing only 4 lbs, it's extremely lightweight so your arms won't get tired maneuvering it. The narrow neck maximizes visibility of the bit and workpiece. LED lights help illuminate your cut lines in dim workshop corners.

Cordless Flexibility for On-Site Projects

The cordless 18V battery frees you to take this router anywhere without fighting cords or hunting for outlets. Easily rout at job sites, trim edges on installed cabinets, or make precision cuts on a patio table outdoors.

Cordless convenience also allows you to safely rout pieces on a table or workbench without worrying about cables getting caught or tangled.

Get Even More Versatility from the ONE+ System

This router is part of RYOBI's ONE+ universal battery system that spans over 280 tools. If you already have an existing stock of ONE+ batteries for your drill, saw, etc., you can use the same packs to power this router.

ONE+ batteries range from compact 1.5Ah units for basic work up to high capacity 6.0Ah packs for extensive use. Choose battery power perfectly matched to your runtime needs. And never feel forced to buy proprietary batteries for just a single tool again.

For flawless edges, elegant profiles, and intricate details, this little router punches far above its weight. Don't be intimidated by its small size - it has ample power and precision to tackle projects of any size. Bring your woodwork to the next level with this versatile cordless router. Your custom pieces will look factory-made!