I Was Amazed at How Easily This Attachment Transformed My String Trimmer Into a Powerful Tiller!

As someone trying to maintain a large vegetable garden, turning over the soil in my beds and rows by hand each season is backbreaking work. I'd seen cultivator attachments for string trimmers but always assumed they were gimmicky tools that couldn't provide the power needed for serious tilling. However, when Ryobi sent me their Expand-It Universal Cultivator to test, it completely changed my mind! This simple attachment converted my wimpy string trimmer into a mini roto-tiller powerful enough to effortlessly churn through dirt.

Read on to see how this attachment could revolutionize preparing your garden plots!

Universal Fit Adds Cultivating Power to Most Brands

The Ryobi Expand-It Cultivator boasts an ingenious “universal fit” that's “compatible with most attachment-capable string trimmers” including Ryobi, Toro, Weed Eater and others.

Installation took seconds - no tools required! Just slide the cultivator end onto the trimmer shaft and lock into place. Having one attachment that conveniently works across brands makes Expand-It a game changer.

Adjustable Steel Tines Tear Through Soil

This cultivator attachment is equipped with 7-10” adjustable hardened steel tines that provide the “ripping” power to easily churn through soil, even compacted ground.

I could adjust the tine length based on conditions. Longer tines for breaking up hard dry fall beds, shorter tines for gentle churning in spring. The tines handled clay soil, rocky dirt and everything in between with ease!

Harnesses the Power of Gas and Cordless Trimmers

Most string trimmers, whether gas or battery powered, spin at over 7,000 RPM. This cultivator utilizes that high speed rotation coupled with its hardened tines to till through soil as effectively as a standalone mini-tiller.

I used it on my 18V cordless model with great results. But the Expand-It attachment works equally well on gas trimmers for those who need extended runtime. Unleashing my trimmer’s hidden tilling power was genius!

Large Protective Shield for Safety

Rotating tines throw plenty of debris, so the cultivator features a full protective shield to contain the clumps of dirt and rocks that get flung out.

I loved not having to worry about getting pelted by high-speed projectiles! The shield kept the cultivating mess contained for safety and convenience.

If you dread laboring away at hand-tilling gardens and flower beds each season, unlock the hidden cultivating power in your string trimmer with this Expand-It attachment. It’s incredibly convenient, requires no tools, and makes short work of all your tilling tasks. My string trimmer has been transformed into an unexpected powerhouse!