I Was Blown Away By How Quickly This Crazy Powerful Cordless Chainsaw Sliced Through Fallen Trees

As someone who relies on chainsaws for storm cleanup and firewood cutting, I’ve been using rugged gas-powered models for years. I’ll admit I was very skeptical when Ryobi sent me their new 40V cordless chainsaw to test. There’s no way a battery-powered saw could match the raw strength and performance of gas...right? Well, I stand corrected. After taking this chain saw to some downed trees, I was downright impressed by its cutting speed and power. This little cordless has some serious bite!

Here’s a closer look at why this chainsaw blew me away:

Next-Level Cutting Speed

Ryobi claims this saw’s “40V HP technology delivers 4X faster cutting.” I expected some marketing exaggeration, but after back-to-back testing against my gas saw, it’s no joke. This cordless saw ripped through a 12” log nearly twice as fast as my gasser!

The variable speed trigger gives you ultimate control to dial in the perfect chain speed for any cut. When you squeeze full throttle, the aggressive chain speed powered by the high-torque brushless motor is incredible. It lives up to the gas-like cutting performance.

Top Handle Design for Handling and Control

Unlike conventional chainsaws, this model has a specialized “top handle design” balanced to make overhead cutting easier while giving you great control and handling.

The angled top handle makes it really comfortable and secure to operate when clearing branches or cutting at odd angles. The unique grip fit naturally in my hand for precise maneuvering.

Automatic Oiling for Chains and Bars

Nothing slows a saw down faster than a dried out chain. This cordless model features adjustable automatic oiling to ensure the chain and bar constantly get optimal lubrication.

I could dial in just the right oil output for clean cuts without excess flinging off the bar. Not having to manually lubricate between cuts was so convenient!

Tool-Free Adjustments and Maintenance

My gas saw requires tools for any adjustments or maintenance. This Ryobi simplifies things with “tool-free” features like “side access chain tensioning” and “onboard tool storage.”

Being able to quickly tension, swap, and tweak the chain by hand saves so much time and hassle. And having a mini wrench stored right on the saw makes field repairs a breeze!

Compatible with the 40V Platform

Because it’s part of Ryobi’s 40V family, this saw is compatible with all 40V batteries. There’s a battery size and power level for every job.

If you need pro-level cutting performance from your chainsaw without the noise and maintenance of gas, definitely consider Ryobi’s 40V cordless upgrade. As a longtime gas chainsaw user, even I was amazed at the power and efficiency this electric model delivered!