I Was Shocked By How Much Longer This Ryobi Battery Lasted Compared to the Older Models

As a longtime Ryobi power tool user, I’ve cycled through my fair share of lithium-ion battery packs over the years. But I was still on the older P108 4.0 Ah models and was getting tired of running out of juice mid-project. So when Ryobi released their new and improved 18V ONE+ 4.0 Ah battery, I knew I had to get my hands on one to see if it lived up to the hype. After putting it to work, I was downright amazed by the huge improvements in runtime. This new battery pack is an absolute game changer!

Here’s a look at why this next generation battery blew me away.

Serious Stamina That Just Won't Quit

Right off the bat, I noticed a massive difference in runtime compared to my older 4.0 Ah batteries. The "superior cells" in this new lithium-ion pack deliver fade-free power hour after hour.

I was able to put it through cut after cut on my miter saw, bored holes on a 2x4 stud wall, and still had plenty of juice left. This battery just wouldn't tap out!

No more constantly stopping to recharge or swap out packs mid-project. This workhorse battery will keep you going strong all day long.

Built To Withstand Heavy Use and Abuse

In addition to outstanding endurance, this new 4.0 Ah battery also seems more durable and resilient. The "impact protection" frame shows no signs of damage after some accidental drops and dings during construction work.

I don’t have to worry about cracking or damaging the pack when using tools like impact drivers that can be tough on batteries. This rugged battery is ready for heavy duty use and abuse.

Handy Fuel Gauge Eliminates Battery Anxiety

My old batteries had me paranoid constantly about losing power, since there was no way to check remaining charge. The new 4.0 Ah pack has an "on-board fuel gauge" that clearly displays the exact battery level.

With the 4-bar LED indicator, I know precisely how much runtime I have left. No more battery anxiety! I can gauge if I need to top off the charge before starting a big project.

Optimized for High-Performance Brushless Tools

Ryobi says this new battery is engineered to "deliver superior runtime, power and performance when paired with RYOBI Brushless tools."

I tested it on my new brushless jigsaw and the cutting speed never bogged down as the battery drained. The extra juice from the improved battery gives brushless motors the current they need for top speed.

One Battery for the Entire ONE+ System

This battery joins the RYOBI ONE+ family - that means it’s compatible with over 175 tools that all share the same 18V battery platform.

From drills to leaf blowers to sanders, ONE+ tools eliminate the need for brand-specific battery packs. This single upgraded battery can power my whole workshop!

If you’re still using older Ryobi batteries, do yourself a favor and make the switch to these improved 4.0 Ah packs. The massive jump in runtime and resilience is an absolute game changer. This battery finally gives me the long-lasting power I need to work comfortably without stopping to recharge every 20 minutes!