Make Precise Cuts With the RYOBI 18V Cordless Jigsaw

Jigsaws represent one of the most versatile cutting tools for curved, irregular shapes. The RYOBI PCL525B 18V ONE+ Cordless Jig Saw brings cordless convenience and control to detailed cutting applications.

This jigsaw provides up to 3,000 strokes per minute for very fast sawing action. The tool-free blade release enables quick changes. Reduced vibration and variable speed enhance precision and control. Orbital settings adapt power for different materials.

Key Features and Benefits

Standout features of this jigsaw include:

  • 0-3,000 SPM - Powers through wood, metal, plastic and more
  • 30% less vibration - Enables superior cutting control
  • Tool-free blade release - Allows quick blade changes
  • Variable speed trigger - Gives user complete speed control
  • 4 orbital settings - Adapts cutting power for different materials
  • LED light - Illuminates cut line in dark areas
  • 45° bevel capacity - Provides angled cutting versatility
  • 18V lithium-ion power - No power cords to drag around
  • Part of ONE+ system - Uses all RYOBI 18V batteries and chargers

With a combination of speed, precision, and customization, this jigsaw tackles detailed cuts with ease.

Versatile Cutting Capabilities

This RYOBI jigsaw excels at:

  • Curved cuts in plywood and dimensional lumber
  • Cutting circles or irregular shapes in sheet stock
  • Cutting openings like electrical boxes in walls
  • Scrolling freehand shapes in wood crafts
  • Trimming laminates and Formica® countertops
  • Cutting metal for auto body work
  • Sectioning fiberglass, acrylic, plastic and more

With tool-free blade changes, it adapts to any material quickly. Reduce orbital action for tighter curve control.

Cordless Power, Unlimited Mobility

The 18V ONE+ battery system eliminates tripping over power cords. RYOBI lithium-ion batteries deliver outstanding runtimes with no memory or voltage drop concerns of nicad.

By sharing packs across the 18V platform, you consolidate tools and simplify charging. ONE+ powers drills, saws, lights, fans, inflators, and over 175 tools, offering outstanding versatility.

Additional Key Specifications

  • Weighs 5.3 lbs with battery
  • 1" stroke length
  • Precision roller guide
  • Accepts U and T shank blades
  • Tool-free bevel adjustment 0-45°
  • Lock-on switch for continuous use

For cordless cutting precision, power and versatility, the RYOBI PCL525B jigsaw dominates. Add this problem-solving saw to your tool arsenal now.