My Back Thanks Me - This Cordless Pole Hedge Trimmer Let Me Tame 8ft Hedges Without Hauling Out Dangerous Ladders

As someone with quite a few extremely tall, overgrown hedges bordering my property, keeping them neatly trimmed has always been a nuisance. Wrestling with tall ladders to reach the tops without falling is such a risky hassle. But after getting the Ryobi 40V cordless pole hedge trimmer, I can finally tame those 8ft beasts easily and safely from solid ground. No more risky ladders for this guy!

Here's a closer look at why this long-reach trimmer has been a total game changer:

Leave the Ladder in the Garage

The best part of this tool is the “extended pole that reaches up to 8 ft.” This lets me stand securely on the ground and reach up to trim the entire height of my tall hedges.

No more trying to balance precariously on ladders while using a full-size trimmer overhead. The long pole and lighter trimmer weight means I can trim from a safe, stable position without assistance. My back thanks me!

Pivoting Head for Precise Trimming

Tall hedges often have complex shapes that require angling your cuts to get an even trim. This pole trimmer features a “pivoting head” so you can easily trim at “multiple angles” for clean finished results.

The pivoting head swivels 240 degrees to trim side growth, corners, tops - whatever shape your hedge requires. It’s so much easier than trying to twist a ladder-mounted full trimmer.

Strong 18” Blades Power Through Growth

My old corded hedge trimmers struggled with thicker branches. But this pole trimmer packs robust “18 inch dual-action blades” and a “5/8 inch cut capacity” for slicing through dense growth with ease.

No more wasted time trying to gnaw through heavy branches. The long aggressive blades make short work of even the most overgrown hedges.

Variable Speed Trigger for Control

Sometimes you need finesse when shaping delicate hedges or edges. This trimmer features a “variable speed trigger” so you can dial in the perfect blade speed for the task.

Gently squeeze for finer trimming and shaping. Press harder for max power to speed through thicker branches. The control is great for both precision and speed.

If you dread wrestling with extension cords and ladders to battle tall hedges each season, treat yourself to this long-reach cordless pole trimmer. It brings the power and convenience directly to your hands, so you can tame towering hedges quickly and safely from the ground. It’s a total game changer!