My Jaw Dropped When I Saw How Fast This Cordless Planer Transformed Rough Wood into Glass-Smooth Boards

As a hobbyist woodworker, I dread having to haul out a noisy corded planer whenever I need to surface rough lumber. Between the machine’s bulk and fighting with extension cords, it always feels like a chore. So when Ryobi sent me their new 18V ONE+ cordless planer to test, I was skeptical that such a lightweight tool could deliver smooth results. But after putting it to work, I was absolutely blown away by its performance!

This little planer produced professional-grade boards so polished I could practically see my reflection. Read on to learn why this tool packs a serious punch.

Powerful Cutting Action

The efficient brushless motor provides ample torque for aggressive 3-1/4” width cuts up to 1/16" deep per pass. That’s enough cutting power to transform roughsawn planks into glassy smooth boards with ease.

I zipped through removing sawmill marks and snipe from 8/4 oak without the planer bogging down whatsoever. The dual-edged carbide blades sliced off material cleanly, leaving a perfectly flat surface behind.

Kickback Protection

Planing thinner boards always runs the risk of kickback which can damage your workpiece. This planer has an automatic retractable kickstand that deploys whenever the front set rests on a surface. This prevents the spinning cutter head from biting into the wood.

The kickstand eliminated snipe on my thinner project panels. I could plane fragile or small boards with total confidence and no worries about ruining pieces.

Maximize Runtime with Efficient Brushless Motor

Cordless convenience does no good if the battery dies after 10 minutes of use. The brushless motor enables this planer to run efficiently for up to 400 linear feet per charge.

By reducing friction and wasted energy compared to brushed motors, the brushless design squeezes the most life from each battery. I could surface pile after pile of lumber on a single charge.

Dial-In Precise Cuts

The depth knob provides 1/16” increment adjustments for ultra-fine control over cut depth. Get each pass exactly as shallow or aggressive as needed to smoothly remove material without over-cutting.

The chamfering groove on the front shoe is handy for quickly putting a consistent chamfer edge on boards when desired.

Onboard Blade Storage and Easy Changes

The onboard blade wrench makes it fast and convenient to swap out the reversible blades once they get dull. No searching for tools - the wrench is always stored right on the planer.

The dual-edged blades essentially give you 4 fresh cutters before needing to replace them. Popping them in and out takes just seconds.

Cordless Freedom

Say goodbye to the limitations of corded planers! This model runs entirely on lithium-ion power for untethered convenience.

Easily plane boards anywhere - in your yard, at a jobsite, by your project. No outlets required. You also never have to fight with tangled extension cords.

If you do a lot of woodworking, this lightweight but powerful planer will change your surfacing game forever. Quit struggling with bulky corded machines and experience the amazing transformation this innovative cordless planer delivers with any rough lumber you feed into it!