My Pressure Washer Now Cleans My Patio 3X Faster Thanks to This Genius Attachment That Saves Me Hours of Scrubbing!

As someone with a large patio and deck area that gets caked with leaves, dirt and debris, keeping it looking clean is a never-ending chore. My old pressure washer could blast off some of the mess but there was still plenty of manual scrubbing needed that took forever and ruined my back. When I discovered Ryobi’s new Water Broom attachment, I was hopeful but skeptical that it could really do the hard scrubbing work for me. Well, after giving it a test run across my filthy patio, I’m thoroughly amazed at how perfectly clean it gets the surface with zero manual effort! This attachment provides some serious cleaning muscle.

Here’s a closer look at why it’s been a total game-changer:

Wide 11” Cleaning Path

This attachment features an oversized 11” scrub surface that covers way more area with each pass compared to just the pressure nozzle alone.

The wide cleaning path allowed me to scrub my entire patio in a fraction of the time. Cleaning sessions go 3X faster now thanks to the expanded reach.

Powerful Rotating Bristles

While the pressure washer blast does some of the work, the heart of this attachment is the spinning row of stiff bristles that provide the scrubbing action.

These heavy duty bristles scour off the toughest stuck-on gunk and debris that regular pressure spraying misses. My surfaces have never looked cleaner!

Quick and Easy Connection

Attaching this to my pressure washer wand takes seconds with the quick-connect coupler. No tools or complicated setup required.

I can go from spraying to scrubbing surfaces fast without fumbling with equipment. The no-hassle installation is wonderful.

Fits Most Standard Pressure Washers

This attachment is designed to work with “most gas pressure washers up to 3,300 PSI.”

I easily attached it to my medium duty electric washer. The versatility to work across models makes it a great value.

For anyone tired of spending hours manually scrubbing outdoor surfaces, this water broom attachment is a must-have! It does all the tough scrubbing work for you, leaving outdoor areas spotless in a fraction of the time. My back thanks me!