No Gas Required - This Insane Cordless Leaf Blower Blew Me Away With Its Raw Power

As someone who dreads getting the noisy, smelly gas leaf blower out every fall, I'd been eyeing electric options for a while. But I wasn't sure a battery-powered model could really compete with gas in terms of sheer power. Boy was I wrong! After getting my hands on the new Ryobi 40V cordless leaf blower, it absolutely blew me away (pun intended). This thing packs some seriously beastly power for being gas-free.

With hurricane-force winds up to 110 mph, this blower made short work of even the heaviest pile of leaves. Read on to see why this could be the last blower you'll ever need.

Big Power in a Cordless Package

At first, I'll admit I was skeptical a cordless blower could match the power of gas. But Ryobi designed this 40V model to deliver "Gas-Like Power" without the noise, fumes, or maintenance.

It uses a specialized high-efficiency brushless motor and jet fan design to generate 525 CFM airflow at speeds up to 110 MPH! That's even more power than my old gas blower. This little cordless has some seriously beastly lungs!

adjustable Speed Trigger for Control

While max power is great for heavy debris, sometimes you need more finesse. This blower features a variable speed trigger to precisely dial in the perfect amount of force.

Gently squeeze for a light breeze to clear off patio furniture. Press harder to kick up the torque for piles of leaves and branches. Having total control over the airflow makes clearing tasks fast and easy.

Activate Max Power With the Turbo Button

For those times when you really need to scour every last leaf and twig from the yard, this blower has a dedicated turbo button. Hold it down to instantly ramp up to full 110 MPH velocity.

The insane gale-force winds coming from this electric blower in turbo mode shocked me every time – no stubborn pile of debris stands a chance!

Lithium-Ion Battery for Long Runtime

Cordless convenience is only worthwhile if the battery lasts. This blower runs on 40V lithium-ion power for fade-free performance and up to 45 minutes of max power per charge.

Forget constantly stopping to refuel a gas tank or being tethered to an extension cord while you work. The long-lasting battery easily keeps up with even the biggest yards.

Part of the 40V Platform

Because it’s part of Ryobi’s 40V family, the blower is compatible with all 40V batteries from 2Ah to a massive 9Ah. There’s a battery size for every runtime need so you can extend cleaning sessions as long as required.

If you want pro-level power from your leaf blower but are done with the noise and hassle of gas, don’t overlook this seriously capable cordless option from Ryobi! It put my old gas blower to shame.