Power Through Fastening Jobs With the RYOBI 18V Impact Wrench

Loosening rusted bolts and nuts or driving long fasteners can be a struggle with hand tools. The RYOBI PCL265 ONE+ 18V Cordless 1/2 in. Impact Wrench makes these tasks almost effortless.

This high-torque impact wrench cranks out up to 375 ft-lbs of pulverizing force to blast through stuck fasteners with ease. At the same time, precision control prevents over-tightening or damage during installation. An onboard LED light illuminates your work.

Key Features and Benefits

This impact wrench shines with these features:

  • 375 ft-lb torque - Breaks loose even severely rusted bolts
  • 3,100 IPM speed - Drives fasteners quickly
  • 0-2,700 variable RPM - Enables controlled tightening
  • 1/2" friction ring anvil - Allows quick socket changes
  • Onboard LED light - Lights up dark work areas
  • Rubber overmold grip - Provides comfort and control
  • Compact size - Only 5.25 inches long
  • 18V lithium-ion power - No maintenance like air tools
  • Part of ONE+ system - Uses all RYOBI 18V batteries

With extreme torque in a compact format, no fastening job poses a challenge for long.

Bust Loose Stuck Bolts and Fasten With Ease

This RYOBI impact excels at tasks like:

  • Removing corroded, seized lug nuts
  • Loosening rusted brake caliper bolts
  • Driving tapcon screws into concrete
  • Assembling deck and fence posts
  • Changing tires on trucks and tractors
  • Building metal shop furniture and fixtures
  • Quickly driving structural and wood screws.

No more skinned knuckles or sore arms struggling with manual wrenches. Let the torque do the work for you.

Cordless Power Without Compressed Air

RYOBI's 18V lithium-ion battery platform provides the convenience of cordless operation without the hassles of air compressors or hoses. The long runtimes of modern lithium-ion batteries let you work all day or on remote jobs.

And choosing from ONE+ batteries ranging from compact to high capacity offers you the perfect balance of power and runtime. The RYOBI 18V line also covers yard tools, lights, inflators, and almost any DIY need.

Additional Key Specifications

  • Weighs only 3.7 lbs (tool only)
  • 1/2" friction ring anvil
  • Plastic/rubber grip overmold
  • Lock-on forward/reverse switch
  • Batttery and charger sold separately

For unstoppable fastening force in a compact format, the RYOBI 18V PCL265 impact wrench dominates. Add this time-saving tool to your automotive and construction arsenal now.