This Brilliant Laser Distance Measurer Turns My Phone Into an Advanced Multi-Function Measuring Tool

As a busy contractor constantly measuring spaces and building materials, I got fed up wrestling with clunky traditional laser distance measurers. But when I discovered the Ryobi Phone Works Laser Distance Measurer, I realized it transforms my phone into a powerful smart measuring tool. This ingenious device exceeded my expectations with versatile multi-function measuring modes, while the integration with my phone’s camera and screen adds a whole new level of utility.

After taking it on multiple job sites, here’s why it’s become my go-to distance measure:

Super Accurate Measurements Up to 90 Feet

I’m blown away by the accuracy of this compact little gadget. It provides distance measurements accurate to 1/16 of an inch at ranges up to 90 feet.

It’s perfect for precisely measuring lumber, pipes, flooring, furniture placement and countless other uses where millimeter precision is crucial. Far better than error-prone physical tape measures.

Multi-Function Modes for Any Measuring Task

While basic laser measures get only linear distance, this tool adds tons of versatility:

  • Area measurements for floors, wall painting, tiling, and more
  • Volume measurements to calculate concrete, gravel, soil, etc.
  • Indirect (triangle) mode to calculate height and width
  • Continuous tracking of moving objects

It tackles way more jobs than single-purpose distance-only measurers.

Wireless Connectivity and Display via Phone

Unlike standalone laser measurers, this device connects wirelessly to my phone via the headphone jack to use the phone’s display and interface.

Viewing the precise digital measurements over real images on my phone screen makes it super easy to understand and utilize the readings.

Adds Photos, Voice Notes and Documentation

The phone app interfaces goes beyond measurement display - it enables snapping photos and voice notes to document each project.

This built-in documentation process helps me organize and share measurement data better than scribbling numbers on notepads.

Range Finder Alert for Quick Layout

The range finder feature lets me preset a target distance and get an audible alert when reached.

This allows quickly pacing off layouts, material spacing, or any tasks needing a set interval without constantly checking the display. Super handy for working solo!

Improved Battery Life

Constantly changing watch batteries in my old unit was a hassle. But this Ryobi model sips minimal power for month-long battery life with typical use.

Not having to stress about keeping spare batteries around makes measurements simpler. I just grab it and go.

For any contractors, builders or DIYers needing a versatile precision measuring tool, the Ryobi Phone Works device can’t be beaten. Ditch the clunky standalone measurers and let this smart gadget turn your phone into a advanced measuring system. It takes the headache out of documentation and layout. An absolute game changer!