This Lightning Fast 18V Digital Inflator Has Become My Go-To for Topping Off Tires and Sports Equipment

As a dad constantly on the move between jobs, home projects, and kids’ sports activities, I found myself battling deflated tires or saggy sports balls almost daily. But hauling around a bulky air compressor in my truck seemed like overkill. When I discovered the RIDGID 18V Digital Inflator, I realized it’s the perfect lightweight cordless solution for topping off tires and equipment with precision. After putting it to work for months now, it’s easily one of my most used tools thanks to the compact size and fast performance.

Here’s a closer look at the key features that make it so handy:

Fills a Truck Tire From Flat to Full in Minutes

While small portable compressors can take 15-20 minutes trying to fill a truck tire, this inflator’s high-powered motor fills flat light truck tires in under 5 minutes.

For a regular car tire, it hits the desired pressure in 60 seconds flat. The fast fill times mean I’m not stuck waiting around nearly as long.

Digital Pressure Dial for Precision Inflation

I love the large rotating dial that allows easily setting a precise PSI. Just spin to the target pressure and the auto-stop engages once reached.

This allows perfectly topping off things like bike tires or sports balls every time. No more guessing and checking with a manual stick gauge.

Adaptable for Any Situation

This inflator comes ready for any inflation task out of the box:

  • The Quick Connect Chuck makes attaching to tire valves or swapping accessories a breeze.
  • It includes needles for inflatable sports items plus Presta adapters for bikes.
  • An AC power cord tackles bigger jobs like truck or tractor tires.
  • The onboard hose wrap keeps the 21” hose neatly stowed.

Ultimate Portability and Convenience

Weighing only 2.5 lbs, I can easily stow this in a glove box or backpack to have on hand at all times. The slim battery design slips into spaces other inflators can’t.

And cordless power means freedom to top off tires or balls anywhere - no being stuck next to an outlet or generator. It’s amazingly handy.

Dual Power With RIDGID 18V or 12V Cord

Another perk is the inflator runs off RIDGID 18V batteries or the included 12V car power cord for ultimate flexibility:

  • 18V battery for quick inflation tasks without draining my vehicle battery
  • 12V when I need extended runtime for bigger jobs

Built RIDGID Tough

Like all RIDGID power tools, this inflator can take abuse and keep going. The rugged housing and components hold up to bangs and drops without any issues.

I don’t worry about damaging it tossing it in the truck bed or garage floor. RIDGID reliability at its finest.

For any busy parents or workers needing portable, fast inflation, the RIDGID 18V Digital Inflator is a game changing cordless upgrade. The precision and speed let me top off tires and sports gear in minutes anytime. Don’t be caught waiting with flat tires again!