This Monster 40V Ryobi Battery Pack Kept Going and Going - My Old Batteries Didn't Stand a Chance!

As someone with a large property to maintain, I’m constantly frustrated by my puny batteries dying mid-job. My lawn tools like the leaf blower and string trimmer never seem to have enough juice to finish tasks like clearing my acre yard without multiple charges. So I decided it was time for an upgrade and bought Ryobi’s beastly 40V 4Ah high capacity battery. After testing it out, it blew my previous batteries out of the water! This thing just wouldn’t quit.

Here’s a look at why this massive battery packs such a serious punch.

Double the Runtime of Standard Batteries

The core benefit Ryobi touts with this battery is “2X longer runtime than the standard 40V high capacity battery.” After clocking both, I can confirm this new 4Ah version easily doubles the lifespan per charge.

My old 2Ah battery powered the riding mower for barely 30 minutes while mulching leaves. The new extended life 4Ah pack had enough stamina to finish my entire acre-plus yard on one charge!

Fade-Free Power That Lasts

There’s nothing worse than having your tools steadily lose juice and power as the battery wears down. Ryobi engineered this battery to deliver consistent “fade-free” strength for the full duration of a charge.

Even with only one battery bar left, the blower still had the same full force airflow to clear heavy piles of leaves. The voltage stayed strong to the very end unlike my old packs.

Optimized Electronics Prevent Overload

To prevent damage when working high-draw tools hard, Ryobi designed custom battery “electronics” in this 40V pack to “withstand overload”.

I put this to the test by tackling some overgrown brush with the chainsaw for an hour straight. Despite heavy continuous use, the battery and tool didn’t overheat or bog down. The smart circuitry avoids overload damage.

Built Tough for Years of Use

All that power means nothing if the battery can’t withstand regular wear and tear. The thick plastic housing on this pack features “over-molded edges” to protect against drops and impacts.

Even after falling off the riding mower multiple times onto gravel and grass, the battery showed no signs of exterior damage. This thing is built like a tank to keep working season after season.

Integrated Runtime Readout

My old 40V batteries had me nervously guessing about remaining runtime. This beefy new 4.0Ah pack has an “onboard indicator” that displays current battery level.

It’s been great knowing precisely when I need to swap in a fresh pack instead of getting unexpectedly shut down halfway through a task.

If you’re still struggling with weaker 40V batteries that can’t last a full workload, I highly recommend stepping up to this supercharged high capacity option. The extended runtime makes quick work of even the biggest lawn and yard jobs!