This Super Smart Charger Revives My Ryobi Batteries Insanely Fast - I'm Back Working in Just 30 Minutes!

As a homeowner constantly working on projects around the house, keeping my Ryobi tools powered up is a must. But my old charger took HOURS to recharge dead batteries, bringing my productivity to a grinding halt. I was skeptical any charger could really speed up charging times significantly, but decided to give the new Ryobi 18V IntelliPort Dual Chemistry model a shot. After juicing up my first depleted battery in just 30 minutes, I was blown away! This super smart charger has charging down to a science.

Here's a closer look at why it has me back working in no time:

Revive Batteries in as Little as 30 Minutes

My old charger took 2-3 painfully slow hours to charge small batteries. This new IntelliPort model charges 18V 1.5Ah batteries in a blazing fast “as little as 30 minutes.”

I timed my first charge and couldn't believe it when the battery was 100% full in under 30 minutes. That 5X charging speed is an absolute game changer!

IntelliPort Technology Optimizes Charging

This isn't just a fast dumb charger. IntelliPort technology actually communicates with each battery to provide the ideal charging speed and voltage based on cell needs.

IntelliPort maximizes battery life by never over or under-charging. My packs last WAY longer thanks to the smart charging science.

LED Indicators Display Charging Status

My old charger left me guessing if batteries were fully charged and ready to use. This new unit has LED indicators that act as a charging status display.

The lights let me easily monitor charging progress and know exactly when each battery is fully juiced. No more charge confusion!

Advanced Maintenance Mode

To keep stored batteries primed and ready for use, IntelliPort employs an advanced maintenance mode. It conditions batteries that aren't in use so they stay peak performance.

Even my backup packs stay optimized thanks to the intelligent passive charging mode. My entire battery fleet is always work ready!

For any DIYers frustrated with painfully slow battery charging, this RYOBI IntelliPort charger is an absolute must-have upgrade. It has seriously changed my charging game - I'm still blown away at how fast it gets me back up and running!