This Versatile 800W Power Inverter Lets Me Run Electronics and Appliances From My Car Battery or Ryobi Batteries

As an avid camper and road tripper, I got fed up dealing with power limitations when outdoors or on the go. I wanted to run small appliances and electronics without a noisy, smelly generator. When I discovered the Ryobi 800W Automotive Power Inverter, it was a game changer for powering devices from my car battery or Ryobi batteries. After using it for months of outdoor adventures, I’m blown away by the versatile power delivery and convenience.

Here’s a closer look at why it’s become a game-changing camping companion:

Multi-Power Source Operation

Unlike traditional inverters tied to just a 12V port, this unit provides 3 powering options:

  • 12V car adapter (120W output)
  • Ryobi 18V battery (300W output)
  • Direct car battery hookup (800W max output)

Being able to pull from 18V batteries or directly from the car battery opens way more possibilities for powering and charging on the go.

Enough Output to Run Small Appliances

While many in-car inverters max out below 100 watts, this beast provides a whopping 800 watt output when connected straight to the car battery.

That’s enough juice to power appliances like mini coolers, coffee makers, and even run a 32 inch TV off the battery!

USB and Standard Outlets

The unit provides 2 standard AC outlets to plug in laptops, lights, and other familiar devices.

It also has USB-A and USB-C ports perfect for charging phones, tablets, cameras, and USB-powered gadgets. Tons of compatibility.

LCD Screen for Monitoring Usage

An on-board LCD displays helpful usage stats:

  • Power draw and output
  • Voltage input
  • Battery level
  • Current power source

This info helps optimize usage and ensure I don’t overtax any power source. Convenient!

Built-in LED Task Light

A handy extra is the adjustable LED light that provides illumination right on the inverter.

It's perfect for lighting up campsites, tent interiors, or work surfaces without running cabin lights that sap the car battery.

Rugged and Compact Design

Measuring just 7.5 x 5.75 x 2.75 inches, this inverter easily fits in my trunk while taking up minimal space. And the durable casing means it holds up well to bangs and drops during transport.

The tough, compact construction is much appreciated when packing the car.

For overlanders, vanlifers, campers and any road warrior, this power inverter eliminates worrying about access to electricity. With the ability to tap my car battery or Ryobi packs, I can work and live perfectly off-grid now! It unlocks next-level RV and camping convenience.