Trimming Tough-to-Reach Areas is a Breeze with This Genius Attachment That Transforms My String Trimmer into a Straight Shaft Powerhouse!

As someone constantly battling back encroaching growth around my property, I dread having to drag out unwieldy tools like hedge trimmers to prune under fences, benches, and bushes. My standard string trimmer just doesn't have the reach. So when I discovered Ryobi's new Expand-It straight shaft attachment, I was intrigued but unsure if it could really convert my trimmer into a long-reach powerhouse. Well, after tackling some seriously overgrown fence lines with ease, I'm blown away by how effectively it transforms my trimmer into a whole new tool!

Here's a closer look at why it's been a game-changing upgrade:

Adds Over 2 ft of Extended Reach

This brilliant attachment converts standard string trimmers into a long reach straight shaft tool by extending the cutting head over 2 feet out in front of the control handle.

It gave my trimmer the extra length needed to easily trim growth underneath benches, bushes, and fence lines that were previously inaccessible. No more hand pruning!

Universal Fit for Most Major Brands

This attachment fits most major gas and cordless string trimmer brands including Ryobi, Toro, Weed Eater, and others with universal adapters.

It slipped onto my trimmer shaft and locked into place in seconds with no tools or modifications required. Incredibly simple to install and use.

Large 15" Cutting Swath

Having extended reach is great, but not if your cutting width is still limited. This attachment features an oversized 15 inch cutting swath to rip through wide areas fast.

It allowed me to trim long fence lines and open areas much quicker than standard heads. The enlarged cutting width saves so much time!

Auto-Feed "Reel-Easy" Loading

Battling with tightening spools or special threads to reload trimmer line is a chore. This attachment uses a brilliant auto-feed "Reel-Easy" head for ultra convenient reloads.

Simply drop a pre-cut line segment into the head and it does the rest! Couldn't possibly be any easier.

If overgrown areas outside your trimmer's standard reach drive you crazy, this handy attachment will transform your yardwork game. It turned my trimmer into an entirely new long-reach tool that saves me tons of time and effort!