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Why Choose Factory Reconditioned Tools? A Detailed Explanation

When upgrading tools for your home workshop, you face the eternal question: buy new or reconditioned? Choosing factory reconditioned power tools often makes excellent financial sense without sacrificing quality. Here's a detailed rundown of the upsides factory reconditioned tools offer over purchasing brand new.

Significant Cost Savings

The prime benefit of factory reconditioned tools is lower cost - savings range from 20-50% off comparable new models. For high-priced tools, those discounts quickly add up to hundreds saved. Even greater markdowns apply to "open box" factory returns.

Big savings come from restoring and reselling quality used tools rather than manufacturing new units. Factory reconditioning captures much of a tool's original value at a fraction of current retail pricing.

For DIYers and professionals alike, the cost savings enable expanding your tool collection faster. Why pay more for new when reconditioned packs equal capability at lower prices?

Renewed to Like-New Condition

With proper factory reconditioning, used tools are disassembled, inspected, repaired, cleaned, tested, and reassembled to perform like new. All components get evaluated and restored.

Critical parts like motors and gears are tested to confirm full operation. Worn components get replaced with genuine OEM parts as needed. Thorough renewal leaves no lingering issues.

Purchasing from a reputable reconditioning source means getting a tool renewed to original specs - not just cleaned up. Careful reconditioning eliminates mechanical worries the used market brings.

Warranty Coverage

While some third-party resellers exclude warranties, factory reconditioned tools should come with coverage comparable to new models. Typical warranty terms include:

  • 1-year warranty covering the entire tool
  • 2-5 year warranties on drivetrain components
  • 30-90 day battery/charger warranties

Coverage duration may be a bit shorter than new tools, but key systems remain protected. Extensive testing ensures most defects surface quickly if at all. Warranties prove the manufacturer stands behind their reconditioning quality.

Available Accessories

Reputable reconditioned tools come with standard accessories like batteries, chargers, cases, chuck keys, and blades. Kits get fully reassembled with replacement add-ons as needed.

Optional accessories remain available for reconditioned models at regular retail pricing if desired. You're not limited to bare bones packages - bundles and kits provide turnkey workshop solutions.

Newest Model Options

The very latest tool models take time to become available reconditioned as used stock gets traded in. But you can often find reconditioned tools matching the generation prior to the newest at substantial savings.

Performance and capabilities are unlikely to lag much behind the cutting edge. Unless you must have absolutely newest features, prior generation reconditioned models satisfy most users.

Environmental Sustainability

Rather than discarding quality used tools, factory reconditioning extends useful lifespans dramatically. Refurbishing preserves value and reduces waste.

Reconditioned tools represent an environmentally conscious choice for consumers wanting more green options. Reduced manufacturing and materials contribute smaller carbon footprints.

Quick Availability

While some cutting-edge new models may be backordered, reconditioned tools offer immediate availability. Inventory turns over quickly.

If you need a specific tool urgently for an upcoming project, reconditioned provides the quickest route to acquisition rather than waiting on manufacturing delays.

Buy With Confidence

When purchasing reconditioned power tools, the key is buying from manufacturer-authorized sources you trust. Well-established brands stand behind their reconditioning programs and inventory.

Buying reconditioned directly from manufacturers like DeWalt, Bosch, Makita etc. ensures optimal quality control and support. You get savings without sacrificing standards.

In summary, factory reconditioned power tools provide immense value and capability for shoppers on a budget. Cost savings, warranties, stringent renewing processes, and manufacturer backing give reconditioned tools the advantage over generic used models. For purchasing confidence, stick with factory reconditioned power tools and enjoy upgraded capability at discounted pricing.