Yard Cleanup Is a Breeze With This Crazy Powerful Blower Attachment That Transforms My String Trimmer Into a Leaf-Shredding Machine!

As someone battling endless fallen leaves every fall, I've always just suffered through using my wimpy string trimmer to help clear them from my sidewalk and driveway. It takes forever barely blowing around weak piles, and I'm left manually sweeping up most of the mess. When Ryobi announced their new Expand-It universal blower attachment, I was intrigued but skeptical. How could adding a simple fan provide serious blowing power? After testing it on my trimmer, I'm a total believer! This blower attachment packs a serious punch that shreds through leaf piles with ease.

Here's a closer look at why it's a game-changing yard cleanup tool:

Transforms Trimmers Into Serious Blowers

This universal attachment is designed to fit most gas and cordless string trimmers by simply twisting it into place where the trimmer head normally goes. No tools or modifications required!

In seconds, my lightweight trimmer converted into a powerful blower blasting air at 140 MPH and 475 CFM - far stronger than using the string head. The jet engine-inspired fan creates serious wind power for moving debris.

Clears Wet and Dry Leaves Fast

With most blower attachments, thick wet leaves end up plastered in place. But this Ryobi model uses 3-stage fan technology to totally dominate wet and dry leaves alike.

The unique fan leverages the full power of your trimmer engine to blast even heavy soaked leaves off grass, walkways, patios, etc. No leaf pile stands a chance against these hurricane-force winds!

Engineered for Hard Surfaces

Lots of blower attachments have good power on grass but come up short on hard surfaces. Ryobi optimized the fan housing and nozzle shape on this one to excel clearing debris off hard surfaces like asphalt, concrete, decks etc.

The concentrated nozzle direction and high air velocity allow it to easily blow piles of leaves and debris completely off my driveway and walkways rather than just spreading stuff around. It’s a truly versatile design.

If you dread the chore of clearing leaves each fall, save your back and upgrade your string trimmer with this hardworking blower attachment. Prepare to be amazed at the leaf-shredding power it unlocks! My yard cleanup time has been cut in half.