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Yardwork Is a Breeze With This Crazy Lightweight Cordless Chainsaw - Makes Pruning So Much Easier!

As someone with a lot of large trees and bushes bordering my property, pruning overgrown branches and suckers each season is a never-ending chore. Between hauling out my noisy gas chainsaw and wrestling with the heavy weight as I balance on a ladder trying not to fall, it’s always an aggravating battle. So when Ryobi sent over their new 18V cordless pruning chainsaw to try, I was thrilled to ditch the gas routine but unsure if an electric saw could really get the job done. After using this lightweight little saw all afternoon pruning trees, I’m officially a believer!

Here’s a closer look at why this cordless chainsaw made pruning so much easier:

Ultra-Lightweight Body Reduces Fatigue

Weighing only 5.3 lbs with the battery inserted, the compact and lightweight design of this chainsaw really reduces arm fatigue compared to using bulky gas models up on ladders and in awkward positions.

I could actually prune and limb trees for my entire yard without my arms feeling like limp noodles by the end. The light weight lets you work longer with less exertion.

8” Bar Tackles Small Pruning Tasks

While not meant for cutting dense logs, the 8” bar and chain is ideal for pruning smaller branches up to about 6 inches thick.

I was amazed that the short bar and cordless power chewed through 2-4 inch suckers and waterspouts with no problem. It has ample cutting muscle without the weight.

Side Access Chain Tensioning

Easily adjusting chain tension is crucial for safe operation. This saw features side access chain tensioning with an onboard wrench so you can quickly tighten the chain safely.

No more awkwardly trying to tension hot chains between cuts. The quick side access makes adjustments fast and convenient.

Oil-Free Operation and Maintenance

One less thing to worry about is bar and chain oiling. This chainsaw features “oil-free operation” so there’s no messing with oil tanks or checking levels.

The simplified maintenance is a welcome benefit. Just charge the battery and go!

If you dread wrestling with heavy gas chainsaws for pruning duties, definitely consider this lightweight Ryobi cordless model. It made my pruning jobs so much less exhausting!