RYOBI ONE+ 0.065 in. Single Line Spool

RYOBI ONE+ 0.065 in. Single Line Spool

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  • Works with all RYOBI auto-feed cordless trimmers
  • Pre-wound for quick and easy spool changes
  • Optimized for cordless use to preserve battery life
  • Brand New in Original Packaging

Model #: AC14RSLA

If you're tired of messing with trimmer line, this value-pack of 3 pre-wound spools is a simple and convenient solution for your RYOBI auto-feed cordless trimmer. Simply remove the old spool, replace it with one of the new pre-wound spools and you're ready to get back to work. The durable 0.065 in. trimmer line is optimized for cordless trimmers, efficiently slicing through weeds without compromising your battery life. This quick and easy solution is compatible with all RYOBI 18-Volt, 24-Volt and 40-Volt auto-feed cordless trimmers.

  • Fits all RYOBI auto-feed cordless string trimmers
  • Line is pre-wound for quick and easy spool changes
  • Includes 3 spools of 0.065 in. replacement line
  • Optimized for use with cordless string trimmers
  • Works well in RYOBI models (P20120VNM, P2003, P2080, P2035, P20100, RY40210, RY40240) and more. Call our support line in you are unsure.