HART HHTMPN25 25-Foot Pro Grade Non-Magnetic Tape Measure
HART HHTMPN25 25-Foot Pro Grade Non-Magnetic Tape Measure

HART 25-Foot Pro Grade Non-Magnetic Tape Measure

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  • Blade stop button controls blade retraction and protects finger
  • Wire form clip helps reduce belt/pocket fraying
  • Brand New in Original Packaging

Model #: HHTMPN25

The HART 25-Foot is a welcome addition to any professional or DIYer’s toolbox. This tape measure delivers a superior standout of 11-feet ensuring the hook goes exactly where you need it to go without kinking or bending in the middle of a project. This tool also features an oversized hook designed to catch onto your measure material from the top or bottom of the tape. The rubber over mold ensures a durable housing designed to put up with the wear and tear of heavy use while also providing a more secure grip. The markings on this tape feature fraction markings for accurate and easy-to-read numbers to quickly and accurately make your measurements. Other features included are the blade stop button ensuring a controlled blade retraction and a wire form belt clip that reduces belt and pocket fraying.

  • Fraction markings for quick and accurate reads
  • Oversized hook grabs from top or bottom for user convenience
  • Includes: (1) 25' Pro Grade Tape Measure