RIDGID Driving Kit with Case - 43 Piece AC10D43

RIDGID Driving Kit with Case - 43 Piece

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  • Perfect for basic fastening application
  • Includes: Nut Setters, Philips, Square, Slot, Torx, and Hex Driving Bits
  • 43 pieces including Phillips, slotted, square, torx and hex drivers.
  • Brand New

Model #: AC10D43

Rigid presents the 43-piece driving set offered at a special discount while supplies last. This driving bit set is perfect for most fastening applications and includes the common driving bit types. This driving bit kit includes nut setters, Philips, Square, Slot, Torx, and Hex driving bits along with a helpful magnetic screw guide.

  • Includes: P1(1), P2(10), 3.5” P2(1), P3(1), SQ1(1), 2” SQ1(1), SQ2(6), 2” SQ2(2), 3.5” SQ2(1), SQ3(1), 2” SQ3(1), SL6(1), SL8(2), SL10(1), T10(1), T15(1), T20(2), T25(2), T30(1), 1/4” Nut Setter(1), 5/16” Nut Setter(1), 3/32” Hex Driving Bit(1), 7/64” Hex Driving Bit(1), 1/8” Hex Driving Bit(1), Screw Guide(1)