RYOBI Auger Large Retrieving Tip
RYOBI Auger Large Retrieving Tip

RYOBI Auger Large Retrieving Tip

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  • Replacement auger tip for the Ryobi P4002 Hybrid Drain Auger
  • Clears away blockages in drains 2 in. wide
  • Save time on the job with the quick connect design
  • Brand New in Original Packaging
Model: A122LRT

RYOBI introduces the Auger Large Retrieving Tip for use with the P4002 Hybrid Drain Auger. The Auger Large Retrieving Tip is 1 of the accessories in this lineup. This tip helps clear away obstructions and residue; used for generic purpose cleaning in drains up to 2 in. wide. It is also quick connect capable, saving you time when changing out tips.

  • Only for use with the RYOBI P4002 Hybrid Drain Auger
  • Designed for general-purpose cleaning, it grabs and pulls grime out of drains
  • Works in drains up to 2 in. wide
  • Quick connect capable with RYOBI 1/4 in. cable
  • For professional and residential use