RYOBI A04SM21 Soft Metal Compound Kit (3-Piece)

RYOBI Soft Metal Compound Kit (3-Piece)

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  • Designed to be used with buffing and polishing wheels (RYOBI's A04BW21 and A04BW21 are compatible)
  • Tripoli Compound helps clean soft metals and plastics
  • Stainless Steel Compound helps clean and shine hard and plated metals
  • Brand New

Model #: A04SM21

RYOBI Introduces the 3-Piece Soft Metal Cleaning Compound Set. To learn more about RYOBI tools, go to RYOBItools.com and check out RYOBI Nation. This set includes a Brown Tripoli Compound Stick, a Yellow Stainless-Steel Compound Stick, and a Red Jeweler's Rouge Compound Stick.

  • Jeweler's Rouge helps to clean and shine solid and plated silver and gold
  • Great DIY set for a variety of soft metal cleaning/shining needs
  • Includes: (1) Brown Tripoli Mini Compound Stick, (1) Yellow Stainless-Steel Mini Compound Stick, And (1) Red Jeweler's Rouge Mini Compound Stick