Whole Stud Detector with Auto Depth Scan
Whole Stud Detector with Auto Depth Scan

Whole Stud Detector with Auto Depth Scan

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  • Exceptionally accurate with 1 or 2-handed operation
  • LED indicator lights mark full width of wall studs
  • Auto depth scan determines drywall thickness
  • Brand New in Original Packaging
Model #: ESF5001

The ESF5001 RYOBI LED Whole Stud Detector is a great option for stud finding. The Multi LEDs allow you to see the entire stud, not just an edge or center. It uses Auto Depth Scan, technology designed to determine the thickness of your drywall so you can accurately assess what is behind it. With its material detection capabilities, you will always know when you are over metals (non-ferrous), wood, and AC wire, saving you some trouble. This unit can also be used with 1 hand. With all these great features, mounting your TV, hanging pictures, or whatever has you searching for studs, the RYOBI LED Whole Stud Detector is the right tool for the job.

  • Detects whole studs behind your drywall
  • Auto depth scan technology for accurate assessment of drywall thickness
  • Built-in stud markers
  • Multi LEDs for visibility of the entire stud
  • Detects materials (metal, wood, AC wire) behind your wall
  • 1 handed operation for ease of use
  • Center indicator LED ring will light up when center of stud is found
  • Includes: whole stud detector, 1 AA battery and owners manual